• Lawson Pair
    4 months ago
    I went shooting here twice now. Bought my pistol here before 2nd time. Good gum selection, well stocked on ammo. Keith was a huge help setting me up with new new pistol and selecting ammo. Will definitely be visiting here again.
  • Aubry Bryce
    4 months ago
    1st firearm in 60 years I was unable to disassemble or function check after replacing a part. Took it to them. Their gunsmith Haydon, got it apart, found a factory misinstalled spring, and had it up and running the next day. Vary impressed with his work, timing, curiosity and pricing.
  • Riley Akers
    2 months ago
    It used to be a lot better, the range fee by the hour is weak compared to others that have flat fee. Shutting down on Sundays makes their customers head west to other establishments. Range is nice though.
  • Seeker
    5 months ago
    A little pricey on their guns but a nice selection. great service and friendly people
  • Travis Hosburgh
    a month ago
    Way over priced if u have to much money and don't care spending over priced ammo and other things then ya.