• Hollie Tully
    a month ago
    Keith and Joe are amazing. They explained and answered every question we had. Keith showed me everything with the guns we bought on how to shoot them and safety. I would recommend getting a class from him he is wonderful. Thank you both soooo much.💚💚💚
  • Chris Collins
    3 months ago
    First time that I went there. We a a really good experience. The staff was great. Nice shooting range. They had a good inventory of guns and ammo. I would highly recommend going here is you haven't been.
  • George X. Patton.
    2 months ago
    Reviewing gun range only...very friendly, professional staff. Not too busy the many times I have been there. Nice range.
  • Susan Little
    6 months ago
    Kinda a neat place. Will go back again
  • Dwayne Belkowski
    4 months ago
    Great store and range. Top notch