We are Oklahoma Outdoors. We know lawns.

Shawnee Outdoors and Ada Outdoors are your Cub Cadet dealer for Southern and Central Oklahoma. We are locally owned and operated and we provide a small town atmosphere while matching big city prices. We offer a full range of lawn and garden equipment, several deck sizes to fit your yard, along with zero turns and commercially sized tanks.

We also have a full range of utility vehicles, two or four-wheel drive, and diesel. Shawnee Outdoors carries handheld equipment as well, including chainsaws, weed eaters, trimmers and more.

We also provide full service and parts for your convenience. Both Shawnee Outdoors and Ada Outdoors also offer financing through Cub Cadet, many of which are 0% interest. We hope to see you soon!

State-of-the-art Gun Range
The Shawnee Outdoors’s Indoor Shooting Range has 18 climate controlled lanes at 25 yards. Built using Action Target’s Total Containment Trap®, this state of the art bullet trap is the best in the business. Featuring a programmable, easy to use target retrieval system, attractive and bulletproof lane dividers with LED lighting and combining an independent dust collection system with our ventilation system ensures a safe, enjoyable shooting experience and a high level of protection from lead and gunpowder residue. Additionally, bullet and sound absorbent tiles line the entire shooter’s area, further ensuring our customer’s comfort and safety.
Small Engine Service
We provide full service and parts for almost anything with a small engine. Is your Cub Cadet not working as it should? Bring it by and let us take a look at it, or we can come by and pick it up for you. Remember that your Cub may still be under warranty, just bring us your receipt and Cub Cadet will pick up the bill! We repair many small engines, such as string trimmers, power washers, tillers and so much more. We pride ourselves on getting repairs done quickly and efficiently.
Fully-stocked retail store
In our 3500 square foot sales floor, you will find the latest in shooting, hunting, and outdoor merchandise. In this wide open, comfortable area, we strive to stock hard to find items right along with the everyday needs of our customers. The Shawnee Outdoors Indoor Shooting Range is a stocking dealer in all the major brands, including Sig Sauer, Ruger, Savage, Colt, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, FN and many, many more. We also carry many precision made and custom brands, allowing our customers to choose whatever their hearts desire.
Gun Safety/Concealed Carry Classes
This is the State of Oklahoma’s training for an individual to apply for their carry permit. This class will cover basic shooting fundamentals for the handgun, firearm safety, nomenclature and the Oklahoma Law concerning carrying a handgun. This class is sufficient for the gun owner that wants basic knowledge and training even if they don’t necessarily prefer to have an SDA permit.