We are Shawnee Outdoors. We care about helping you.

We understand that a great lawn takes more than a great mower.

Shawnee Outdoors is your Cub Cadet dealer for Central Oklahoma. Locally owned and operated, we provide a small town atmosphere while matching big city prices. We offer a full range of lawn and garden equipment, including several deck sizes to fit your yard, zero turn mowers and the commercial size tank.

We also have a full range of utility vehicles, two or four-wheel drive, and diesel. Shawnee Outdoors carries handheld equipment as well, including chainsaws, weed eaters, trimmers and more.

Cub Cadet Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers

Our line of commercial zero-turn mowers has everything you’re looking for. With industry-leading deck design for consistent cuts, innovative steering options for maximum control and comfort that makes the workday a breeze, these are the machines you’ve been looking for.

With the industry’s leading deck design and maintenance-free spindles, the Cub Cadet commercial zero-turn helps your work go quickly, consistently and smoothly.

Service & Repair
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Service & Repair

Our lawnmower service & repair department has experienced mechanics to get you up & running.
Cub Cadet Parts
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Cub Cadet Parts

We stock thousands of genuine Cub Cadet OEM Parts for your mower, UTV or yard equipment.
Mowers & Equipment
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Mowers & Equipment

Find your next lawnmower by browsing through our full line of mowers & lawn equipment.
  • Baba Yaga
    a month ago
    Good people fast unload I delivered lawn mowers there's not much semi parking close by so I parked on their property up against their unloading ramp for my delivery in the morning didn't think it was a big problem til the local police woke me up out of a dead sleep knocking on my rig
  • William Hicks
    a month ago
    The only words to describe Sawnee Outdoors is AMAZING PROFESSIONAL and EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY WORKMANSHIP. They installed my backyard fence after my numberous changes and revisions. Their prices were unbeatable and they finished the job in two days with a complete cleanup. Very personal and friendly. Would definitely use them again as they also stain fences.
  • Justin Garton
    2 weeks ago
    The people there are very professional and will treat you respectfully, even if you don't know much about guns.
  • Joe Legault
    a month ago
    I really like this range, never have had to wait for a lane, and it is more spacious behind the firing line than most other places I've been too. Staff is friendly as well. I drive 40 miles just to go to this range, when there are several much closer.
  • Turin Rush
    a month ago
    Way overpriced on firearms and ammo. Even the online resellers and scalpers are cheeper. When I questioned the prices I was told there distributers went up and it's all about supply and demand. Well 556 ammo at 42 bucks for 20 is just crazy, and a Springfield XDM at 1100, come on!. That's not supply